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Can I customize my Welcome Kit?

To make it easy for you as you get started, we’ve preconfigured your Welcome Kit with our client and staff favorites.  You will have several delicious and convenient flavor profiles to choose from.  And you can customize your next kit with your favorites!

Why do your plans include meal replacements?

Livea180 meal replacements are nutritionally balanced for healthy, safe weight loss. They are not only convenient and delicious, they make it easy to stay-on-track. In fact, studies show that individuals following a structured meal replacement program are more successful in losing weight than those on a traditional diet plan.

Why buy Livea180 supplements vs. other brands?

Our Livea180 supplements meet the highest quality standards. They are sourced from an FDA Registered facility and meet quality standards from Section 8 of NSF/ANSI 173-2016, the only American National Standard in the dietary supplement industry. Additionally, in all categories when compared with other vendors, their price point and 60-day supply make them the best … Continued

What happens when I reach my goal?

First we celebrate! Then your Livea180 team will help you transition to the Balance & Lifestyle phases of your program. The habits you learn during these important phases support your long-term weight management.

What is a Fresh & Lean meal?

The Fresh & Lean is a meal you do on your own which consist of lean protein and fresh produce. This meal can be eaten at home with your family or while dining out.

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