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Tap into 13 years of weight loss know-how.

Our experts can tailor our scientifically proven plans to work for you.

In 2009 we set out to make a difference in our clients’ lives as Livea Weight Control Centers. Our highly educated, passionate team is committed to helping people achieve safe, effective, long-term weight loss.

Now, after more than a decade of exceptional in-person service, we are expanding to offer this same expertise virtually to clients across the country.

At Livea180, our science-based program makes it virtually effortless for you. You get a physician-recommended plan, guidance from our Nutritionists and Registered Dietitians to help you hit your goal quickly, and the resources you need to keep the weight off for life.

Livea is a doctor tested and recommended weight loss program with proven results.

Livea was voted the best weight loss program and awarded gold two years in a row (2021-2022).

Research shows that clients that receive direct support such as that from the Livea team, lose more weight when compared to losing weight on their own.*

*Medical Disclaimer: Dr. Paul Olson and Dr. Cathy Whiting have personally completed the Livea Program with managed and tracked weight loss that they deemed, in their professional opinion, to be both safe and effective weight loss for Livea clients. Both have since became members of Livea’s Medical Advisory Board are Licensed Medical Practitioners in the State of Minnesota. The Livea Medical Advisory Board meets regularly to review the results of all previously tested and new trial programs to ensure all programs meet rigorous health and safety standards for effective, consistent, and measurable weight loss in accordance with health and safety regulations. The Livea staff includes Registered Dietitians and Licensed Nutritionists who are board certified in the State of Minnesota to develop and oversee the success of individual clients and the safety and effectiveness of all Livea Programs.

We’ve made weight loss

We believe budget shouldn’t be a barrier, so with Livea180, you can lose weight starting at less than $15/day. (One more concern to cross off your list!) Your subscription includes automatic monthly shipment of your order, so there’s no interruption to your plan. Plus, shipping is always Free.

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