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Weight Loss.
Don't Overthink It.

Weight Loss.
Don't Overthink It.

No need for a big production. We’ve done the research, and we know what gets results. Livea180 is weight loss with way less work. Plus, you'll have weekly access to our team for support, for as long as you're on the program.

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Scientifically proven. Guided by experts. Personalized by you.

Tap into over 10 years of weight loss know-how.

At Livea180, we’ve put more than a decade of nutrition experience into our program design – to make it virtually effortless for you. You get a physician-recommended plan, plus guidance from our Nutritionists and Registered Dietitians to help you hit your goal quickly. We provide the nutritional balance you need as you work toward the healthier weight you want.

How it works.

It’s all figured out. Just stick with the plan.

1. Order your welcome
kit here.

Inside, you’ll find convenient, individually packaged nutritionally balanced meals. Plus, you'll have weekly access to our team for support, for as long as you're on the program.

2. Connect with
an expert.

Studies show that professional weight loss support leads to lasting results. Our expert team of Nutritionists and Registered Dietitians will help you achieve your goal and keep it off.

3. Helloooo, healthy
new lifestyle.

In addition to your Welcome Kit meals, our plans call for a daily meal of lean protein and fresh produce. Make them at home with your family or eat out. Healthy habits like these will benefit you for years to come.

Start seeing
results pronto.

Everything you need. All in one box.

Your Welcome Kit includes nutritionally balanced meals, delivered right to your door. It includes bars, shakes, chips – plus savory, crunchy and sweet snacks you can munch on, depending on what you’re craving. You simply add your Fresh & Lean meals. Make them yourself or order out.

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Keep seeing results long-term.

Ongoing support. All in one app.

After 10 years of coaching people on how to adopt healthier lifestyle habits, our dedicated team knows what it takes to stop yo-yo’ing and keep the weight off for good. No matter where you are, the Livea180 app gives you anytime access to your program support. You’re never on your own. Our expertise and encouragement have helped thousands of people enjoy a healthier long-term lifestyle.

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We’ve made weight loss

We believe budget shouldn’t be a barrier, so with Livea180, you can lose weight starting at less than $15/day. (One more concern to cross off your list!) Your subscription includes automatic monthly shipment of your order, so there’s no interruption to your plan. Plus, shipping is always Free.

Go for it. And get
results fast.

Order your Welcome Kit, schedule a get-to-know-you call, and you’re all set.

Make today the day

Wow – just 8 weeks in.
180-ers share their weight loss wins.